Automate client communications within RxWorks

You can automate client communications by connecting the VetCheck multi-share link to a RxWorks reminder.

Common client communication automations:

  • Vaccination information sheet (Dog)
  • Vaccination information sheet (Cat)
  • Desexing discharge instructions
  • Dental discharge instructions
  • Post surgery discharge instructions
  • Drain care
  • How to brush teeth (cat) (VIDEO)
  • How to brush teeth (dog) (VIDEO)
  • Bandage care
  • Elizabethan collar
  • NSAID information sheet
  • Long-term corticosteroid information sheet
  • Topical steroid information sheet
  • How to use a medicated shampoo (VIDEO)
  • How to clean ears (VIDEO)
  • How to apply eyes drops or ointment
  • Drug - zylkene
  • Drug - cytopoint
  • Drug - carprofen
  • Drug - meloxicam
  • Drug - metronidazole
  • Drug - doxycycline
  • Drug - cephalexin
  • Drug - gentamicin
  • Drug - chloramphenicol
  • Insulin dog (VIDEO)
  • Insulin cat (VIDEO)
  • Behavioral medication information sheet

Generate VetCheck multi-share link

  • Head to VetCheck at or within the RxWorks Document library. This is important as the Vetcheck multi-share link must NOT be attached to a patient
  • Locate the handout of interest e.g. desexing discharge instructions
  • Click on the multi-share button in the header
  • The multi-share modal will open up. Copy link. You will need to paste this into your AMM template.
  • Go into Task Panel
  • Module Management
  • AMM (Automated message manager)
  • Rules
  • Set up new rule set
  • Example: Action on day
  • Select template (SMS or email)
  • Enter VetCheck multi-share link and message
  • Save

Connecting the AMM template reminder to the product/service item

  • Go to product item
  • Click on the Attachments tab
  • Within the Reminders/Healthcare Indicators/Recalls, click “Add”
  • Select the AMM template reminder
  • Set up as a reminder
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