Automated billing function in VetCheck Charts

Automated billing is only available General Anaesthesia and Hospital charts. If the medications and items have been set up in the Settings menu to be billed, then once they are actioned, the will be pushed back to the patient file.

How to set up your billed medications and items

Go to the Preference menu and Settings
Click on the med/items list tab

Search a medication from the "Search medication name" input field. This will locate the product name from your existing Merlin inventory

Click on the "edit" button the righ hand side and a modal will pop up

If you do NOT want a task to push back to the Merlin patient file pre-invoice, uncheck the product from the billable checklist on the VetCheck GA or Hospital chart BEFORE submitting the chart.

Enter the relevant information and click on the billable toggle

Please note you must do this for EACH medication or item you wish to be billable

For Merlin, once the form is submitted, the billing items go into a pre-invoice.