Automated billing function in VetCheck Charts

Automated billing is only available for RxWorks, Ascend, Merlin and Teleos. All other PMS work off a checklist workflow. Only in the GA-New and Hospital chart, you will see a field where you get to enter completed tasks or medications:

When the cell is clicked, a popup will appear asking to enter name, description, quantity of item and a YES-NO toggle to check if the item is billable.

If the billable is toggled to YES, it will be added to the “BILLING CHECKLIST” with other details.

Every time a task or medication is completed, the billable item will appear in the billing checklist at the bottom of the chart.

When you click on SUBMIT CHART, data can be directly sent to the clinics Practice Management Software (PMS).

RxWorks and Ascend and VetCheck integration for Billable items

VetCheck must have access to the clinic's RxWorks or Ascend API in order for this to work. Simply request this access from RxWorks.

Step 1 - Download CSV template

Step 2 - Add medication details into CSV file and add "medication" into the relevant column. For anything other than a medication, enter "item" into the medication column.

Note: In RxWorks or Ascend, select the ID number and add into the PMS name/code column

Step 3 - Upload into VetCheck

Only if billable is "ON" will the medication or item appear on the invoice.

Step 4 - From the patient file in RxWorks or Ascend, launch VetCheck and create a new GA Chart

Step 5 - Press the ADD MED button and select your medication from the list or ADD ITEM for non medications

Step 6 - Once the Medication has been administered or the item has been used it will be added to the Billable List

Only medications or items that appear in the meds CSV file as billable "ON" from step-3 will appear on the invoice.

If you do NOT want a task to push back to the patient file pre-invoice, uncheck the product from the billable checklist on the VetCheck GA or Hospital chart BEFORE submitting the chart.

Step 7 - Once the form is submitted, the billing items go into a pre-invoice ready for approval to an actual invoice for the client.