How the Chain of Custody and Team Activity Log works

The Chain of Custody is a feature that allows you to track when a file was last opended and edited by a user. You can create a chart and save it into Active Patients list as usual. When you open the chart for the first time and select the first task, you will be prompted to enter the Your name form a drop down menu. NOTE: If your name does not exist in the drop down menu, you must ask your administrator to add you to their clinic team list

This feature will be available on our crucial charts including GA NEW, GA Advanced NEW, Hospital NEW and all Dental CHARTS.

How to setup the team list

You can setup the team list from the Preference menu. Inside it, you will find the TEAM LIST tab. You can directly import the team list using a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. Download the template with all headers from the Download CSV Team Template button. Fill in the details and upload the file using the Choose File button. Complete the process by clicking the Upload Team List button.

Here is an example of the CSV file. The first line is the header which is already provided in the template and the subsequent lines are the details of the team members. For detailed instructions, visit

NOTE: The authorisation codes are only required for registered veterinarians who want to use the digital scripting tool and will not show up in the VetCheck settings when the CSV is uploaded, for security reasons.

History Log

Once the chart is opened using a password, the corresponding user assigned with the password will be recorded in the History Log. Thus, it is critical to ensure that the password is unique to each user and not shared with others. You can view the History Log by clicking the Settings icons on the top right corner of the chart.

This will open a new modal window where you can view the History Log. The task recorded includes the user, task performed and timestamp. NOTE: The events are recorded in reverse chronological order (latest event first).

When the chart is submitted, this activity log will only appear under the Hx tab. If you cannot see this, it will be coming soon for your particular account.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our friendly staffs at VetCheck via Phone or Email.