How to use VetCheck's digital scripting tool for electronic prescriptions

VetCheck's digital scripting tool make it nice and easy to share the script with pharmacist and with the client and it saves automatically on to the practice management system. So, you can ensure you got really accurate records there when needed

This is how the script would appear after it's been dispensed either on your record or on the client's phone. You will see their script in green that hasn't been dispensed yet, script in blue was dispensed with date of dispensed, script in red displays that script has expired or cancelled.

1) Launch the patient file that we are wanting to prescribe to. We find our prescription under Vet Forms go to prescriptions

2) As we launched it from the patient file your client and pet details are all auto filled for you. So, we know they are accurate because we haven't imported them manually and it will also bring across those unique identifiers for patient

3) VetCheck offers a smart scripting tool. So, if you need to prescribe for example fluoxetine for one of your clients. When you start typing medicine name you can get tablet formulation and 20 milligram tablets, and you can either get 20 tablets or 28 capsules.

4) You can choose the formulation and add in the quantity you need to dispense. Fill in your instructions, dose frequency etc. It also a got a room for precautions. Vetcheck also offers a full range of handouts as well. We are complying with those regulations of ensuring we are informing the owner of off-label use and so forth. So, after we share the script, we can also share the handout of medication use. You can also select number of repeats.

5) Select the Pharmacy. You can either keep this empty if you are only sending to the pet owener, send directly to a pharmacy or send directly to Bova Aus (Compounding pharmacy)

6) After that you need to enter the Vet info. So, the vet would sign as normal. We will give an authorization code if you sign up to use our scripting tool.
So, then as you enter your details your authorization code will be prefill there. And you are ready to share.

So, if you want an owner to receive the copy as well you can check the box and hit the submit form. A copy goes to the practice management system for our records, and we can hit that any time if we need to cancel the script. A copy goes to owner and a copy goes to pharmacy to ensure everyone's got that nice visibility.

Some pharmacies can request a paper copy of script with ink signature on it. So, we do have an option for it. If required, we can just print that script. Just hit print, sing in ink, and post the copy off to the pharmacy within seven days them dispensing the medication.

Vetcheck's Digital Scripting tool is really help with efficiency and saving your time in practice.