How to import VetLink data into VetCheck

For VetCheck members, where full practice management integrations DO NOT exist, this patient list importer function allows you to upload a patient list (CSV format only) so that VetCheck communications will pre-fill with client/patient data e.g. when sharing content in the share modal and forms, or when creating new Hospital, GA or Dental charts.

Once you have exported a animal patient data list from VetLink (not client data list) in a CSV format, there are only 3 steps that are required to prepare the data for import:

Step 1 - Organise CSV file

VetCheck ONLY requires data in the following columns:

  • Client Number
  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Street No
  • Street
  • Suburb
  • City
  • Country
  • Postcode
  • State
  • Cell Phone
  • Email
  • Animal Name
  • Animal number
  • Animal type
  • Animal breed
  • Animal colour
  • Animal gender
  • Animal_weight
  • Animal_Chip_ID
  • Animal Neutered
  • Animal DOB
  • Animal status

For the following columns please keep the header name but, clear all of the data:

  • Title
  • Company Name
  • Cln UserName
  • Cln UserCode
  • Known_As
  • Last Paid Date
  • Client FVistis
  • Client LVisit
  • Client List 1
  • Client List 2
  • Client List 3
  • Client List 4
  • Client batch
  • Sales Group
  • Consent Mode
  • Consent Date
  • Manual Group
  • Online booking
  • CareOf
  • BP_Total
  • Building
  • Zip
  • Work Phone
  • Home Phone
  • Fax
  • Animal Gender PC
  • Animal_He_She
  • Animal_He_She_PC
  • Animal_His_Her
  • Animal_His_Her_PC
  • Animal_him_her
  • Animal_ideal_weight
  • Animal_picture
  • Animal dead
  • Animal FVisit
  • Animal LVisit
  • Animal DON
  • Animal DOD
  • Herd_Size

Step 2 - Replace all commas

Using the find/replace function, please replace all , (Commas) with the | (Vertical pipe).
Also, please also remove all special characters from the data e.g. #^!~*%

Step 3 - Upload to VetCheck

Great! Now your CSV file is ready to import into VetCheck. Log into the VetCheck platform and open the menu in the top left corner (≡) > Settings.
Scroll down to the 'PATIENT LIST IMPORTER' section and upload your CSV file.

Pre-fill Charts

Select a patient to pre-fill a Hospital, GA or Dental chart

Pre-fill Forms and Handouts

Select a patient to pre-fill the share modal and/or a form.

When completing the form inline in the practice, simply select the client within the form share modal, then click on the close button. Your form will automatically update with those selected client details.