How to increase digital form compliance

Here are some tips to help you reach a digital form completion rate as close to 100%. For many clinics, a 100% success rate is a reality, so we are going to explore some techniques that practices have adopted.

Good client education

Always advise the client at the time of booking, whether over the phone or in person, that they should expect to receive a digital consent form via email. Ask them to check their junk mail if they do not receive this within a few minutes.

Always collect the right email address

It's not uncommon for people to have multiple email addresses. Let your clients know that they will be receiving important pet health information from the practice and encourage them to provide the best email to be contacted on.

Send SMS reminders 24 hours prior to the procedure

Within your SMS reminders that typically go out 24 hours before, always remind them to have their forms completed prior to arrival.

Easy options to complete the form on arrival

Even with all the best client education and reminders, some clients will just forget to complete their online forms.

If the form has already been shared with the client, there is NO need to share another form or print it.

Filling in incomplete forms in the practice

  • Use the digital form QR code to scan it onto a tablet device or the client's smartphone for them to complete
  • Open the form from the patient record of the practice management system and assist the client in completing the form on a desktop
  • SMS the client from your practice management system by cutting and pasting the existing digital form link into the message

In any of these methods, the completed form will update directly within the practice management system's patient record.