How to Save Client Handouts to the Task List


This function is great for preparing and saving handouts or discharge instructions to a task list for sharing later. Particularly for patients that stay between vet team handovers, this is a great way for the first team to prepare these information sheets and the second team to just update and share instantly with the client.

Navigate to the 'EDUCATION' tab

Education Tab

All - over 2,000 VetCheck templates
My Handouts - handouts that have been added or customized by your clinic

Use the search bar to find a handout

Using search bar to find a handout

Highlight the heart.

Highlight using heart button

and add to favorites-

Add to favorites

Select the handout you want to share

Autofill Details:

Autofill Details

Ezyvet- Enter Patient ID

All other Integrated Systems will autofill details from the patient file.

Optional Client Instructions:

Select a template to populate a message

Optional Client Instructions

{pet_owner_first_name} and {pet_name} will auto populate once the handout has been shared with the client.

Select Multi-share Image

Save/update and delete message templates using the blue box on the right side of the dropdown menu.

SHARE or SAVE your handout

Sharing or saving your handout

Ensure all fields with a * are filled in.

Share with client button

Email direct to client now

Save to tasks button

Save to the task list and send to client at a later stage.

If you 'SAVE TO TASKS', you can access the handout on any device.

Navigate to tasks tab

If you open the saved handout on a tablet device you can add a patient photo with the pawprint icon .

Saved Handout

You can 'SHARE' or 'UPDATE' the document from the tasklist.