How to use Active Patients (GA, Hospital, Dental, Grooming, Boarding Lab)

Creating your active patient list for the day will streamline your workflow and bring consistency to the team. Any chart e.g. hospital, dental, GA that is created from the practice management system will automatically appear on the active patient list within VetCheck until the chart is submitted.

Under Active Patients:

  • GA tab is where you will find your surgical cases
  • Hospital tab is where you will find your hospital cases
  • Dental tab is where you will find your dental cases
  • Lab tab is for lab samples ready for processing
  • Boarding for boarders
  • Grooming for pets admitted for grooming


Always close the chart using the cross, BEFORE closing the actual chrome browser window.

Log into VetCheck via the Chrome browser

On your tablet device, log into VetCheck via to Active Patients

Toggle between tabs

On the left-hand side, there is a “Viewing” button. You can toggle between ALL or TODAY. Select Hospital, GA, Dental, Lab, Boarding, Grooming and Ready to for Home

Ready for Home

When the pet is ready to go home, the procedure status can be updated to “to go home”

It will then be removed from the chart tab and relocated to the “To go home” tab.