How to use the dental chart

The digital dental chart can be launched from your practice management system (PMS).

  • From within your PMS, click on the VetCheck icon
  • Navigate to the “VET FORMS”
  • Locate and select the “dental chart”

The client and patient information should pre-fill some data from the PMS. Complete any other data and click on “OK”

Add photos

  • Using a tablet device, click on the image item and take a photo of the pet or item you wish to photograph.
  • Using a desktop computer, select a photo from the computer files
  • You will be able to zoom into the images once the dental chart is submitted.

Nerve Block & Radiographs

NOTE: If these fields are empty then they will not appear on the finished pet report. If the clinic does not want this type of information being shared with the pet owner, then put the nerve block and radiograph details into the general anaethesia chart. The pet dental report is exactly the same as the record in the PMS patient file.

If you select "No" on Radiograph Taken under 'PROCEDURE' and Nerve Block under 'NERVE BLOCK' like shown in the image, it won't appear on the submitted pet dental report.

Start charting

  • Scroll down to the dental chart image
  • If you're working on multiple teeth you can jump to the next tooth by using button labelled as Next Tooth on top-right corner as shown in the image below.
  • Click on the tooth you are examining and record the findings within the “ADD TOOTH DIAGNOSIS”.
  • Your information will automatically be tracked within the chart.

Optional Client Instructions

See the multi-share section about adding information sheet links in here as a template.