How to use the digital hospital chart

The digital hospital chart can be launched from your practice management system (PMS).

  • From within your PMS, click on the VetCheck icon
  • Navigate to the “VET FORMS”
  • Locate and select the “Hospital Chart”

The client and patient information should pre-fill some data from the PMS. Complete any other data and click on “OK”

Set actions & tasks

  • Click on the “ADD ACTION” button within the menu of the “CHART”.
  • Your screen will have an orange line within the header.
  • In this mode, you can add action items in orange
  • Use the “ADD TASK” button to add more customized tasks
  • Always save once you have completed your actions

Set task templates

  • Once you have created your actions you can save them as a template
  • Click on the preference menu within the “TASKS” header
  • “SAVE”, “NEW” or “DELETE” a hospital chart template

Add photos

  • Using a tablet device, click on the image item and take a photo of the pet or item you wish to photograph.
  • Using a desktop computer, select a photo from the computer files

Complete tasks

  • Click on the action item and enter your action with your initials
  • Any orange task alerts will go purple when completed and will be removed from the task alerts within the hospital whiteboard

Save or Submit

  • Always “SAVE” after completing tasks. The hospital chart will update in real-time within the practice management system
  • Only “SUBMIT” when you have completed the hospital chart at the end of the day or when the pet has been discharged
  • A new template is required each day

Delete or Clear

  • The DELETE function is for when the hospital chart is no longer required. You must also delete it from the practice management system history
  • The CLEAR button will clear all the actions that you have created so that you can create a completely new template