Understanding the general anesthesia (GA) monitoring chart

Please note

  • Do not have the same chart open at the same time
  • Do not ignore the alert that someone else is on the chart
  • Only use Chrome - Do not use any other browser
  • Make sure your Chrome browser is up to date
  • Never create more than 1 of the same chart for the same pet
  • Do not view a chart by launching it from the VetCheck button from the PMS - view from a tablet or from PMS patient history
  • Never close the chart by closing Chrome - always close the chart “X CLOSE CHART” button before closing Chrome
  • If you don't SAVE intermittently, your data won't save

How to create a GA chart

The digital GA monitoring chart can be launched from your practice management system (PMS) or by entering a patient ID, depending on which PMS you have.

  • From within your PMS, click on the VetCheck icon
  • Navigate to the “VET FORMS”
  • Select “CHARTS” and select the “Chart - GA NEW (Beta)”

OR for ezyVet, Avimark, Pulse, evetpractice

  • From a Chrome browser, log into www.vetcheck.it
  • Navigate to the “VET FORMS”
  • Select “CHARTS” and select the “Chart - GA NEW”
  • Enter the patient ID

The client and patient information should pre-fill some data from the PMS. Click on “CREATE NEW CHART”.

Add client and patient details

Some data has been pre-filled from the PMS. Fill in additional details data and press “SAVE CHART”. Please note if the weight is unknown at the time of creating the chart, place "0" into that field and update later accordingly

Start charting

  • Enter the start time of anaesthetic and surgery within the “TIMES” header
  • Click on the “ADD RECORD” button from within the “CHART” header
  • Always press “SAVE CHART” to keep the chart up to date

During charting

  • Fill in additional details during the surgery including items or drugs used in the operation and press “SAVE CHART”
  • Log any procedure or intubation/extubation time and press “SAVE CHART”
  • Your information will automatically be tracked within the chart.

Understanding the GA chart timer

The sound alarm will only work if

  • The sound is on
  • The tablet is not set to fall asleep before 5 minutes
  • The GA chart page is still open during the 5 minutes

Billable checklist

If your administrator has checked the products to be billable, they will appear in a checklist at the bottom of the chart when checked off. For more information on automatic billing, please search automated billing and your PMS from the help menu

Messaging tool

The charts have a one-way messaging tool that allows you to send quick messages to pet owners via email. The popular type of messages are to let the client know the pet is about to go into surgery, they are in recovery or they are ready to go home.

End charting

  • Enter the finish time of anesthetic and surgery within the “TIMES” header
  • Click “SAVE CHART”
  • The chart will no longer appear on the hospital whiteboard and the completed GA report will appear in the patient file

Save or Submit

  • Always “SAVE CHART” after completing tasks. The hospital chart will update in real-time within the practice management system
  • Only “SUBMIT” when you have completed the hospital chart at the end of the day or when the pet has been discharged.
  • A new template is required each day

Delete or Clear

  • The DELETE function is for when the chart is no longer required. You must also delete it from the practice management system history
  • The CLEAR button will clear all the actions that you have created so that you can create a completely new template