Using VetCheck's Integration with ezyVet

The ezyVet-VetCheck Integration allows you to edit, create, and share digital documents from ezyVet. Seamlessly engage with customers at every interaction with 2000 client education sheets, digital forms with e-signature, treatment plans, dental and anesthesia charts and home care compliance videos, and digital certificates, which are saved directly into the patient history.


Access VetCheck from the Chrome browser on any device to greatly increase practice efficiencies, improve client engagement, and make it easy to implement best practices.

Benefits of VetCheck:

  • Save time
  • Increase compliance
  • Build stronger client relationships
  • Drive practice growth through client loyalty and advocacy
  • Reduce client confusion and its negative impacts on practice

What devices and browsers are supported?

Chrome is the only browser we support.

Security and Privacy settings

  • Web browser needs to accept cookies
  • Javascript is turned on
  • Private browsing mode is off
  • Mobile device is running the latest operating system

How to install VetCheck

  1. Click on Admin tab
  2. Use the left drop-down > Integration
  3. In the Integration search box to the right, type and select, "API Partner"
  4. From the Partner drop-down, select VetCheck > Save
  5. Underneath "Scopes" > Select All > Save
  6. Click "Download Credentials"
  7. Your browser will download a file named credentialsapi.txt
  8. Email this attachment to VetCheck with your clinic name
  9. Have your IT service provider, whitelist the VetCheck IP addresses

Account set up

VetCheck will brand your VetCheck account based on the logo. If you require any updates to the header information, reach out to us at

You can also alter the branding colours, and add your online appointment link via the Settings under the Preference Menu.

Log into VetCheck

You can access VetCheck on any digital device with a Chrome browser.

Visit and LOG IN with your clinic's credentials.

Navigating VetCheck

HOME Latest updates and New handouts
FAVOURITES Favourited documents for easy access
EDUCATION All, my handouts, discharge instructions, videos, programs, social media
CLIENT FORMS Forms that require the client to complete
VET FORMS Forms that require the vet team to complete
ACTIVE PATIENTS Any active vet forms that are in progress
TASKS Any active client forms that are in progress
Hx All completed digital documents

Autofilling VetCheck documents with client and patient details

Simply use the drop-down menu to select the client and patient using the ANIMAL ID only.

Client first name, last name, address, email, phone number and animal details will autofill.

Create, Save, Submit VetCheck documents

Most VetCheck documents can be created, saved, or submitted. By autofilling a document and clicking on SAVE or SUBMIT, it will create a file that will automatically save to ezyVet.

Write back the document to ezyVet

At the time you submit, save, or share a VetCheck document, the document will be pushed back to the patient clinical record in real-time. This document sharelink will update as you continue to add data to the file.

Upon document completion, submission, it will automatically save as a PDF onto the patient file under Attachment.

Team Training

VetCheck offers unlimited team training at no charge. Under the preference menu, simply book an online training session.

Further support:

Email us at

Call us on +61 3 7003 8788