Chart - Hospital New Templates

A template can act as a guide to hospital treatment plans e.g. parvovirus, FLUTD cats, HGE, vomiting dog. Having a template can save time, ensure that all necessary tasks are completed and reduce the repition of data entry.

Visit this similar article for the new GA template instructions to get a better understanding of how to create a template.

Create a Hospital New Chart

Input Hospitalisation Details

Fill in the fields that will stay relatively same for each patient. e.g. if a template is made for a procedure, the Procedure Details will stay the same for each patient.

Input Item Details

Enter any task items, fluid items, medications or lab items. Do not schedule these as only the label will be saved to the template.

e.g. Task Item should look like this once the label is filled out.

Save New Template

Under settings in top-right corner, click on SAVE NEW TEMPLATE and give it a name.