Understanding the New Hospital Chart

Please note

  • Do not have the same chart open at the same time
  • Do not ignore the alert that someone else is on the chart
  • Only use Chrome - Do not use any other browser
  • Make sure your Chrome browser is up to date
  • Never create more than 1 of the same chart for the same pet
  • Do not view a chart by launching it from the VetCheck button from the PMS - view from a tablet or from PMS patient history
  • Never close the chart by closing Chrome - always close the chart “X CLOSE CHART” button before closing Chrome
  • If you don't SAVE intermittently, your data won't save

How to create and complete tasks


Before you can begin using the new Hospital Chart, it's essential to build your own Medications Library. To do so, please follow the instructions outlined below.

For detailed instructions, speak to your administrator or visit: https://help.vetcheck.it/how-to-set-up-your-medication-list-new-ga-and-hospital-chart


The Hospital chart can be launched form the practice management system (PMS). Login to PMS and follow the instructions outlined below:

Within the ACTIVE PATIENTS list, you will find key information about each patient, including their identity, weight, the reason for their hospitalization, and any critical alerts.


To access the chart for a patient listed in the ACTIVE PATIENTS section, simply click on their name, and the patient's chart will be opened.

NOTE: This SUBMIT step should not be done until the chart is completed and you no longer want to make any updates.

1. Adding PHOTOS

You can add upto 10 photos. Use the icon to add photo into a slot. Click on ADD to create a new photo slot.

2. Client and Patient Details

Certain information will be pre-filled in the patient's chart from your PMS data. Please make sure to input all additional relevant information.

NOTE: Before you add any further information to the chart, launch a template first. You will be unable to launch a template if you add any manual tasks below.

3. Hospitalization Details

Complete the hospitalization details. Important alerts will be visible in the ACTIVE PATIENTS list as ALERTS.

4. Feeding Plan

Complete the feeding plan.

5. Monitoring Section

The "Monitoring" section in the hospital chart now extends over a period of five days, with each day being divided into a 24-hour period for comprehensive tracking and documentation. The current day and current day will be highlighted as soft shade of purple for visual cue. For e.g. in the image below, inside the chart 13 Mar 2024 and 11am is highlighted.

5.A. Adding task

To add Monitoring details, simply click on the corresponding cell and time, and a pop-up will appear. Proceed to fill in the necessary input fields and then click Save to record the task.

5.B. Scheduling task

To schedule Task, simply create Task as instructed in 5.A and click SCHEDULE and choose the frequency of the task. One time creates a reminder on a single item and STOP removes the reminder on selected item. You also have the option of repeating every 1hr, 2hr, 3hr, 4hr, 6hr, 8hr & 12hr. Repeating may be done for just This Day or thoughout All Days.

5.C. Scheduled task

Once you Schedule the task, the task will appear on your screen as shown in the picture below.e.g. scheduling task every 2hr from 10am.

5.D. Completing the Scheduled task

Once you complete the scheduled task, click on the scheduled task, fill in the details and press SAVE. Now, The exclamation sign in the scheduled task cell will be replaced with the GRID Description you filled in.

5.E. Add Action

When you click on the Add Action button, the inferface will turn from purple to yellow. This indicates that any fields you click from here on will be marked with a exclamation mark in a yellow triangle highlighting the task is incomplete and requires action.

This is the same function as Schedule > One time. But, action mode allows to highlight multiple tasks at once. Once, all the necessary fields are highlighted, click again on the Add Action button to turn off the action mode.

5.F. Disable a Grid

You can disable a grid for sections like Medication, Task, etc. by clicking on the title of the grid and N/A button of the modal.

This will remove all of the data in the grid and make the item unavailable and remove its corresponding event from the Event List.

6. Tasks/Procedures Section

In the Tasks/Procedures section. you can add Task Items and all the Events will appear in the grid.

There is also Event List which identifies how many items are labelled in the grid. The items are marked using numbers helping identify its corresponding pair in the grid. e.g. in the image, no-3 is vaccine done which is shown as rabies in the grid which is also marked with the number 3.

To create a new task, simply click TASK ITEM and a pop-up will appear. Fill in the pop-up input fields and click ADD NEW ITEM

7. Fluids/Transfusions Section

In the Fluids/Transfusions section. you can add Fluids and Transfusions as required. To create a Fluid item, simply click FLUID ITEM and a pop-up will appear. Fill in the pop-up input fields and click ADD NEW ITEM. This is very similar to the Task section.

8. Medications Section

In the Medications section, you can add Medication as required. You can also schedule the medication using the step shown in 5B.

To create a new Medication, simply click MEDICATION and a pop-up will appear. Fill in the pop-up input fields and click ADD NEW
The medication list you imported earlier is accessible here under the Search Medication.

9. Laboratory Section

In the Laboratory section. you can add Laboratory items as required. To create a new Laboratory, simply click LAB ITEM and a pop-up will appear. Fill in the pop-up input fields and click ADD NEW ITEM. You can also schedule the laboratory items using the step shown in 5B.


To add items as billable, simply toggle the Billable icon while adding any item in any sections. Make sure to fill the quantity of the items for it to be marked as billable.

After the item has been added, The item will be added to the list in BILLING CHECKLIST section.

When you click on SUBMIT CHART, data can be directly sent to the clinics Practice Management Software (PMS). For detailed instructions on VetCheck pushes the billable items back to the PMS, visit: https://help.vetcheck.it/automated_billing

11. Messages

In the Messages section. you can add Messages as required.

To create a new Message, simply click MESSAGES and a pop-up will appear. Fill in the pop-up input fields and click SEND A MESSAGE

Once the Message has been Added, It will appear as in the picture below.

12. Saving, Submitting and Deleting the Chart.

NOTE: The SUBMIT step should not be done until the chart is completed and you no longer want to make any updates.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our friendly staffs at Vetcheak via Phone or Email.